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Christina Aguilera

1999: Christina Aguilera
2000: Mi Reflejo
2000: My Kind of Christmas
2001: Just Be Free
2002: Stripped
2006: Back to Basics

1999: Genie Gets Her Wish
2001: My Reflection
2004: Stripped Live in the UK
2007: Back to Basics and Beyond
2007: Back To Basics: Live And Down Under

2000: Sears & Levis US Tour
2001: The Latin America Tour
2003: Justified and Stripped Tour
2003: Stripped World Tour
2006 - 2007: Back to Basics Tour

US Kislemezek
1998: Reflection
1999: Genie In A Bottle / Genio Atrapado
1999: What A Girl Wants
1999: The Christmas Song
2000: I Turn To You
2000: Come On Over Baby / Ven Conmigo
2000: Christmas Time
2000: Nobody Wants To be Lonely (duett Ricky Martinnal)
2001: Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti
2001: Falsas Esperansas
2001: Lady Marmalade (Lil Kim, Pink, Missy Elliot, & Mya-val)
2001: What's Goin On? ( 9/11 all-star performance)
2002: Dirrty (featuring Redman)
2002: Beautiful
2003: Fighter
2003: Can't Hold Us Down
2003: The Voice Within
2004: Car Wash (featuring Missy Elliot)
2004: Tilt Ya Head Back (duet with Nelly)
2005: A Song For You (with Herbie Hancock)
2006: Ain't No Other Man
2006: Hurt
2007: Candyman
2007: Slow Down Baby (Magyarországon nem jelent meg)
2008: Oh Mother

Klippek ( 1997-2008 )
All I wanna do
Genie in a bottle
Genio atrapado
What a girl wants
I turn to you
Por Siempre tú
Pero me acuerdo de ti
Come on over
Ven conmigo
The Christmas song
What's going on
Nobody wants to be lonely
Lady marmalade
Car wash
El ultimo adios
Can't hold us down
The voice within
Tilt ya head back
Ain't no other man
Tell me
Oh mother
Save Me From Myself

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